Intelligent Visibility Sensor



Intelligent Visibility Sensor

As part of our Applied Research on Energy Conservation and after a long on field experience in Energy Auditing, we developed one of the necessary devices which meet the basic needs for switching ON and OFF the electrical systems.

The basic operation it was designed for is to regulate the street Lighting Systems. The concept incorporated here is the VISIBILITY. The visibility is measured on site and the system is programmed to control the switch control device.

 The unit also finds its APPLICATIONS in

·         Commercial Street Light Control,

·         Industrial Indoor Lighting Control,

·         Domestic Applications

·         Office Lighting, Air Circulation and Cooling Systems Control


This product has been designed and developed considering the advantages and disadvantages the present systems have. While the advantages are retained the disadvantages have been eliminated.

 The specialty lies in the fact that it can be installed anywhere by any skilled electrician in any format, in any orientation exposed to sunlight. The basic problems of dust accumulating, bird sitting, time sensing, latitude-longitude defining are all eliminated.

It can be simply placed on any surface and in any orientation- sloping, vertical, horizontal or upside down as per user convenience; the sensing area is much more than any other model. The sensing area, being more than 200 Sq Cm. This is against the competitors sensing area of 0.25 Sq.Cm (Max), which is nearly 800 times more.

This unit is ideally suited for switching on & off the glow sign lights, hording lights, building illuminators, streetlights, garden lights, and all other external lights, It can also regulate switching of Air-conditioning systems, water pumping arrangements which operate on certain time cycle as well.

 The cost of the unit is more or less recovered in the very first few months of its installation itself. The limitation of the load is limited to the connected external contactor.


General Specification:

Logic                                       The systems Logic is programmable and can be modified to meet site condition requirements.

Optical sensor:                        Photovoltaic cells as Intelligent Light Sensor - Senses all rays including the Infra-red Rays.

Sensing area:                           Greater than 200 Sq.Cm, of surface area.

Orientation of installation:      Any way as per user site conditions.

Installation:                             The unit is all weather proof, and can be installed either inside or outside. The sensing device need to be preferably exposed to sunlight for better performance and optimum energy saving.

Time delay:                            The unit has been provided with time delay for protection against lightning high voltage surges.

Electrical Specifications:

Input Voltage:                        230V/415V AC or 12V DC/user defined.

Output voltage:                      User defined.

Switching On time:                 Switches On when the illumination is less than 10 Lux and is Programmable as per user requirements.

Switching Off time:                Switches Off when the illumination is more than 10 Lux which is again Programmable.

Max load:                               Any load with contactor/relay for load more than 1Amps.

 Switching operation:              Limited to contactor specifications.

Indicative Price for illustration:          Rs.24505/- taxes, installation expenses excluded. Say Rs.40000/-

Advantages of “SUNSHUBH” Energy Saver system over other technologies.



Solar PV Based



Infrared Sensor


Based on latest technology, environment friendly PHOTOVOLTAIC technology.

Based on timer circuits

Based on light sensing resistor

Based on infrared sensor.


Works on visibility factors

Works irrespective of visibility factors for complete 12 hours

Depends on intensity of light

Depends on the infrared rays.

Sensing Area

Very large area of 200 Sq.Cm, hence all the problems of sensor failure are eliminated.

Not applicable

Has a sensing area of 0.25 Sq.Cm.

Has a sensing area of nearly 0.25 Sq.Cm.


The adverse effects of the lightning are taken care of.

No such provision is possible.

No such provision is possible

No such provision is possible

Switch on regulations

Switches on as per user requirements, 15/30 minutes after sun set.

Switches at preset time through the entire year

Switches on when the intensity of light comes down

Switches on when the rays are blocked.

Switch off

Immediately on sunrise. Or after predefined time in higher models, 4Hrs, 6Hrs after switch on.

Only after 12 hrs of switch on.

Immediately on sun rise.

Immediately on sun rise only.


Exempted since it is based on Solar PV technology.

Taxes as per KST rules are applicable.

Taxes as per KST rules are applicable.

Taxes as per KST rules are applicable.


User-friendly option selectivity.

Factory set pre conditions.

Factory set pre conditions.

Factory set pre conditions. With proper orientation.



  1. Power handling capacity of the unit is 10KW. Which is 180 No’s of 40Watts* of tube lights in each of the.
  2. The usual switching on time as tested is 30 to 40 minutes after sunset.
  3. Let us assume that the colony has 150 No’s of tube lights.


Each of these are of 40(55)Watts*.

Total power consumed will be 150 * 40(55) = 6000(8250) W.

If we assume as per standard terms the street lights are switched on at 6PM and switched off at 6AM as per the instructions, the total power consumed will be

6 KW * 12 Hrs. = 72 KWh. Meaning 72 Units per day.


If per unit an average of Rs.5/- is calculated, then the total cost of power per day is Rs.360/-. Rs.10800/- per month.

The salary paid to the switch man who has been assigned the task of switching on/off the lights is say Rs.150/- per day and if he is controlling 5 such  sets then the cost per row is Rs.30/- Rs.1000/- per month.

Total cost of regulating street lights is 11800/- say Rs. 11800/-




Now if the Intelligent Visibility Sensor is installed, and assuming we save an average of 45 minute (Observe to be between 45 to 60 minute) per day, the cost of power consumed is:

6000W (6KW)* 11.25 Hrs. = 67.5 KWh. Meaning 67.5 Units per day.

@Rs.5/- per unit and for 67.5units we have energy cost as Rs.337.50/-

The cost of labour is NIL. i.e. Monthly Energy bill of Rs. 10125/-

Hence the total saving is Rs. 1675/- per month.

Over the period of one year the total savings in basic mode alone will be Rs.20100/-.

The cost of the dusk to dawn energy saver being Rs.24555/-, we can say the payback period of the unit is 15 Months.

·         Please note that we have not accounted for the human error in switching off the street lights.

·         The Energy Conservation is much higher as the load on each phase can be more than 150 tubes/ phase and in 3phase mode the saving will be around Rs. 60,000/- meaning Return on Investment of 5 months.


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